Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Florida April Pompano Beach and Cruse.

Park in Pompano Beach.

Go Fast boat.

Bike Trail on A1A Our Favorite!

Carols Condo ad Spanish River Park road. Walking Daisy from the beach.

Visit to Phyllis and Jims Place.

Their Pool.

Phyllis and Jim.

We are in Port Everglades on our Carnival  Cruse. This place sure has changed over the years.

Port Everglades I working for Cat operated generators to Subs here back in the 1980's.

Looking North Pier 66 large building on right. My Dad use to Park his charter boats there on the way to the Keys.

There tearing down the old FPL Plant. Makes me feel real old!

In my working years those Cranes were not there.

New 17th street causeway bridge.

Lauderdale Beach.

Leaving Port Everglades.


Looking North.

Our Cabin.

Every thing is so clean!

Settle in.

Whe I worked in Key West this Moring for cruse ships was not here.

Navy and Coast Guard Base.

Place has gone condo!

Mallory Square far left.

Mallory Square.

Small island off Key West.

The Ship.

Walking at Mallory Square.

This ones for My Dad!

We had a beer here only 10 dollars for two!

Street Art. Bea on left. Ship in Background.

Heading to Florida in the Car April 2013.

First Stop Norma and Gary's Green Valley Home.

Met Fellow Boomer Ralph Feldt moved from Benson Escapee Park.

They took us to Saturday Market.


Making Sonora Hot Dog's.

The hot dogs are bacon wrapped.

Bea and Gary.

Lots of Mexican art.

Had a Deli Lunch!

One of their many Pools.

Pickleball is growing there.

Another Pool.

Made it to Claremont Florida lunch with Becky and Lynn.

They took us to Disney we were there three days.

One of the many things we did there.


Becky and Lynn.

Boat ride to Animal Kingdom.

Stopped at the Yellowstone Lodge on the way.

Lunch in the Animal Kingdom.

Bea's lunch.

My Lunch.

Cocoa Beach Florida.

Visiting Merlyn and Steve and spent a night in their Condo.

We are now in Boca Raton Florida at Bea's daughters condo. On Lake Rogers on the intracoastal waterway.

Her Pool.

View from her dock.

Her back Yard.

Waterway looking south. I ran many a boat here.

Looking North.

Our Boomer Friends came into town for a cruse. We had dinner here. Deerfield Beach.

The Place is Owned by Flanagins next store. He has many Bars here in South Florida.

Left Bill,Fran,Cathy,John,Cathys daughter live there, Right front Frank,Diane,Carol Beas Daughter and I.

One of my Childhood Inlets, Hillsboro inlet! Bea and Daughter Carol.